• Baskets, mainly cylindrical or rectangular, produced according to our quality standard or in accordance to specific customers requirements (dimensions, thk of sheets used, mesh pattern and thk, hooks, funnel…).


• Serpentine coil, for cooling and heating, are produced only relying on specific customer requests. All patterns such as shape, overall dimensions and as well tube diameter and wall thk are as per customer specific requests. Since Material needed for production is normally available from stock we are able to guarantee lead time to customers requirements.


Titanium for anodising

• DM disks, are manufactured welding by tig points pins realized out of titanium sheets ASTM Gr 4. Different options for thk of pins (mm 0,8, 1,0; 1,2; 1,57) and dimensions depending on object to anodise. Could be supplied completed with collars and fasteners;

• DR Dove–tail tips produced via laser jet cutting, from titanium sheet ASTM B 265 Gr 4 of different thk (mm 1,0, 1,27, 1,57) and contacts (20, 30, 40, 58); Could be supplied completed with collars and fasteners;

• Vertical Jig, manufactured with titanium square of different sections (mm 9,5 x 9,5 or mm 12,7 x 12,7). All the features such as overall height, hooks pattern, disposition of contacts (2 sides/ 4 sides), thk of pins (mm 1,0; 1,27) and dimensions of pins (tips from 1 mm up to 6 mm) are as per customers’ requests;

• Jigs, manufactured in accordance to object to be anodised;

• Components: hooks, filters, anodes, hangers produced as per specific requirements;


Finished products as per customers requirements and drawings.

we manufacture finished products upon request, produced via different process such as cutting, welding, forming turning, heat treatment and finishing. With this purpose in mind we have qualified a network of workshops where we promote and advice on technical functions and quality control.